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    About Borihem jewelry treasure each batch of goods, in addition to the production, the production process has strict internal quality control process, also can according to customer's requirements to arrange sampling test of the third party inspection institutions dominate the industry authority, but also involved in the local market and the third party institutions dominated random sampling, to ensure product quality, colour, composition and so on all comply with national and industry standards.
    Borihem jewelry attaches great importance to product quality and has 20 years of rich experience in professional creation of 18K gold and diamond rings, and has established strict quality management standards in the jewelry and diamond ring industry.
   It is the strict quality control system and years of experience investment that enable our company to win the approval and trust of the majority of wholesalers/exhibition halls/jewelry shops in the wholesale markets.As a factory with a history of more than 20 years, with the most perfect after-sales maintenance and repair system, pay attention to after-sales experience, we have confidence in our products.
   Borihemjewelry will continue to adhere to the brand concept of "heart · innovation", be responsible for every piece of jewelry produced, and will, as always, adhere to provide wholesalers/showrooms/jewelry stores with assured satisfactory products and services.